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General Questions


What is a cat lounge?

A cat lounge is a place where you can relax, bring snack and your favorite book or game, while you're surrounded by kitties. Or catch up with friends after work, petting cats as you unwind. Maybe you need a quiet place to finish your history paper, with a new friend sitting next to you, rhythmically purring.

A cat lounge is the cats' foster home. It's a safe place for them to stay until they are adopted. And while they're here, they're being socialized: living and playing with their fellow cats, and also getting comfortable with all the humans who come to visit them.

So while the cats are learning about you, you're learning about them. A cat lounge is the next level of adoption. You can meet and get to know your feline friends and their personalities before deciding to adopt them into your family.

Can I bring my own cat?

We love cats! But kindly leave your kitties at home. ARL/AHS expertly selects cats who would enjoy living in a lounge environment.

Where do you get your cats?

Depending on our location - we will be partnering with either The Animal Refuge League or The Androscoggin Humane Society. They are our exclusive provider of cats (ARL/AHS) has been around for over 15 years, dedicated to saving the lives of hundreds of  abused, abandoned, and homeless animals each year; locally and beyond.

Do I have to adopt?

Of course not! We do hope we can find a forever home for all of the homeless cats, but we understand there are reasons you may not be able to adopt: your apartment doesn't allow pets, or a family member is allergic, or you're just not ready. That's ok! Anyone can visit to just enjoy the company of cats. When you visit, you're helping socializing cats so they'll be ready to meet their forever family when they meet them.

Why is there an entry fee?

We don't take any of the adoption fees - That all goes to ARL/AHS. We want to create the best cat lounge experience possible, and in order to do that, the reality is that there are costs to providing a clean, safe, comfortable, temporary home for these wonderful, agile, curious creatures. We also want to make this space relaxing for both cats and humans, and so we limit the number of people at one time so the cats won't become overwhelmed, and the humans can get a chance to learn each of the cats' personalities. We depend on our guests to see how our mission will benefit both cats and humans alike and support us as we learn and grow.

I love MEow Lounge! What else can I do to help?

We're so glad you had a great time! You can help spread the word on social media - we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also bring your friends to visit too! We're sure they'll have as a good time as you had.
We also accept donations like cat food and litter. In addition, you can join our sponsorship program and sponsor one of our cats. Please see Donations & Sponsorships for more details.

Visiting Questions


How do I visit?

You can buy tickets on the Ticket Page. We have tickets that start on the hour. General admission is $12 per person. We have discounts for college students, teachers, seniors, and children. We also have discounts for additional hours, if you need more time with the cats.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

We highly recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time, so you won't be disappointed if we are full when you arrive. We limit the number of people in the cat lounge, so those spots fill up quickly. Walk-ins are welcome if we are not at capacity.

What should I expect when I get there?

When it's time to visit, come to the front desk in the gift shop to check-in. You'll give your name and we'll confirm we have your tickets and signed waivers in our system. (You can also sign waivers in person.) The cat lounge is kept extra safe with a locked double door for entry.

Is there an age limit to visit the cat lounge?

No, we think it's important for everyone for all ages to learn more about our cats! Our policy is one adult per every two children. We ask that adults and children are together while they are interacting with our cats, as each cat has a different personality and will act in different ways. Please note that we reserve the right to ask anyone of any age to leave if we feel the comfort and safety of the cats is compromised.

What if I need to cancel / reschedule my tickets?

You can cancel or reschedule your tickets by calling or emailing us. In order to receive a refund, you must contact us 24 hours ahead of time. Please note that we do not offer refunds for no-shows.

Adoption Questions

I fell in love with a cat! How do I adopt?

Congrats! ARL/AHS handles all aspects of the adoption process. You can fill out an application with us during your visit, and they will follow up with an interview to obtain any additional information they need. It can take a few days for Halfway Home to respond to your application, as they need to contact your vet and confirm with your landlord (if you rent) that you are allowed pets, but they are working on it! If you would like an update on your application, please contact ARL/AHS.

What are the adoption fees?

ARL/AHS handles all aspects of the adoption process. These are the adoption fees:

Kittens (under 6 months): TBA
Young adult cats (to up 6 years): TBA
Senior cats (over 6 years) TBA

All of our cats are fixed, up to date on their vaccinations, and are microchipped. They also receive regular flea and tick prevention.

Where is my application?

Once we take an application, we send it to ARL/AHS. They process the application, and we don't have insight on how far along the application is. If it's been a week or so, you can email or leave a voicemail for ARL/AHS.

Other Questions

I want to have a party here!

Great! Birthday? Bachelorette party? Reunion? Wedding? Graduation? Retirement? Whatever the occasion, our kitties would love to help you celebrate. Please email us at for pricing and additional information.


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